Mousse di gianduiotto con fragole e aceto balsamico - Immagine
  • 625 gr. Fresh cream
  • 250 gr. Gianduiotti Ziccat classic or aromatized (mixed spiced or with pistachio)
  • 100 gr. Fresh strawberries
  • 50 gr. Balsamic vinegar cream
  • 50 gr. Cacao bitter in powder Ziccat
Put 125 gr. of cream on the wet saucepan (this trick will help you not to have your cream sticked to the saucepan during cooking ). Put on the fire and cook , as soon as it begins to boil, switch off the fire and add gianduiotti Ziccat stirring with a wooden spoon regularly, with a constant speed till to get a smooth and homogeneous mixture. When the mixture tends to untie generating the oil you can emulsify it with a hand blender. Put the mixture on the large surface area, clean and dry and let it cool down at ambient temperature, not in the fridge. While it is cooling, begin to whip the cream left (500 gr.) with a whisk. The cream shouldn’t be whipped completely but it must remain little bit dense , because it will be whipped during assembling. Unite the first cooled mixture with a semi-whipped cream and amalgamate with a spatula or spoon stirring delicately from the bottom up and from the edges to the centre. When the mousse will be complete, place it in the refrigerator to rest at least for 12 hours..
Put in the centre of the plate a ball of the mousse which you can create with an ice-cream scoop, cover it with slices of fresh strawberries and decorate at your wish with the points of cream made of balsamic vinegar and sprinkle the plate with cacao powder Ziccat.

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